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Returns & Refunds

  1. Once an order has been placed and payment confirmed the order is set to be processed and cannot be reverted if the orders have already been sent through to the blockmen. The reason for this is that they have already started processing your order.
  2. Although every effort is made to get exactly what you have ordered to you on time it may happen that a human error is made. It is the customers’ responsibility to check their order upon arrival and make sure that everything is correct, should it not be, we should be notified within 12 hours after delivery and we will rectify what might have gone wrong.
  3. All products are handled and transported at carefully regulated temperatures to ensure that freshness and integrity are maintained. Once a delivery has been made, the responsibility falls to the customer to ensure that the products are refrigerated/frozen immediately and stored correctly. We do not take any responsibility for products that may have been damaged or gone off due to customer negligence after delivery has taken place.
  4. Due to the complex nature of our products it may happen that some items could not be made available for a specific delivery. Should this happen we will make every effort to get the item to you on our next available delivery date.
  5. Should you be unhappy with the quality of any product please photograph the product and store it chilled or frozen, as received. Notify us in writing within 12 hours so that we may refund or replace the product.
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