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Where do you deliver to?

The Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg, Randburg, Midrand, the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria and the East Rand.

When do you deliver?
Orders received by noon on Thursday are usually delivered the following Tuesday or Wednesday.
When will I receive my order?
Orders received by noon on Thursday are usually delivered the following Tuesday or Wednesday.
What is the delivery fee?

R90.00 on orders below R1200.00

What if there is no one home to receive my order on delivery date?
Your order will be returned to our premises, frozen and delivered on our next delivery date, at an additional delivery fee.
Is the meat delivered fresh or frozen?
Most items are delivered fresh. Some items are delivered frozen to ensure longevity.
Why do you deliver only once a week?
We are the farmers. We grow the animals, select for slaughter weekly, deliver to the abattoir, collect the cut meat to fill orders received from customers, pack those orders ourselves and then deliver them. The process takes a week.
How should I store the product?
Biltong and dry wors should be removed from packaging and stored in a well ventilated, cool place. Fresh meat should be refrigerated and used within 4 days of receipt, or frozen upon receipt and used within 4 months.

Frozen meat can be either stored frozen for up to 4 months or stored in a refrigerator for use within 3 days. (See also FAQ “Is veld grazed tough meat?” below)

Why is there a smell when I open the package?

Unlike most supermarkets, we do not use carbon monoxide gas when vacuum packing our meat.  Supermarkets use the gas to hold the bag contents together so that the bag does not become loose, and to maintain a pink colour and stop the meat developing a strong odour.  When our meat’s packaging is opened, an odour will be apparent, but usually dissipates within a few minutes.  The meat is perfectly fine.

Is veld grazed meat tough?
As our animals are at least 33 months at slaughter, the animals are more mature and their meat is tougher than that of feedlot animals which are typically slaughtered at 12 to 18 months. However, our carcasses are hung for 7 days to soften the meat. Steaks will continue to improve by aging in the vacuum pack for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator.

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