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Gammon, Wood Smoked, 1.5kg


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Made the same way as our bacon, soaked in lightly salted water, then wood smoked.  No added chemicals or preservatives, so no headaches.  Most store bought gammon, even if wood smoked, has been injected prior to smoking, to make the end product appear bigger when displayed uncooked in the store and to maximise profit.  Our product is not.  So, when comparing our price with others, remember, ours should be roughly the same size cooked as it was before you started cooking it.

We deliver to

The Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg, Randburg, Midrand, the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria and the East Rand.

Delivery Schedule

Orders received and paid for by noon on Thursdays delivered on following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Personal Service

Contact us via email, info@tinderboxfarm.co.za to offer suggestions, specific meat preferences, feedback, etc.

Payment processing

All credit and debit card payments transacted through YOCO or direct deposit.

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